GAT Subject

What is GAT Subject Test?

It is Graduate Assessment Test (Subject) which is for the students seeking admission in PhD level. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has given the responsibility to National Testing Service (NTS) to carry out GRE style Test i.e. Graduate Assessment Test GAT-Subject for PhD Programs.

GAT Subject Test helps to evaluate, analyze, scrutinize, understand relationships and interpret material in a precise area of study.

The test result will remain applicable for "TWO YEARS" for admissions in NTS associated universities.

Eligibility Criteria to Appear in the Test:

(1) Candidates with a minimum of eighteen years of education are considered to appear
      in GAT-Subject test.
(2) Those Candidates who are willing to improve their previous GAT result can also

(3) The candidates will have to qualify other particular criteria of the Universities.

As per higher Education Commission Policy decision, GAT (Subject) result will be considered valid up to two years.

GAT-Subject is divided into fifty nine different subject categories.  It depends on the subject in which you are specialist. Select the subject of your choice in which you are willing to appear in GAT-Subject Test.

Number of questions in GAT-Subject Test is hundred and time allowed for them is two hours.

Candidates must follow the admission schedule of the respective universities along with a copy of NTS certificate with the admission form. All the candidates have to appear once in GAT-Subject Test for the admission in any NTS associated university. The result will be considered valid for admission up to two years.

GAT-Subject Test contains general section 30% of the total test and subject section 70% of the test. General section contains English (verbal) 15% and Analytic reasoning 15%.