As per increasing number of students every year seeking admission in different public sector universities and higher educational institutions, it’s been highly demanding to filter the talent and give them opportunities on the priority basis. Keeping in view the sensitivity of this issue, Higher Education Commission has given the responsibility to National Testing Service to arrange different sort of tests to filter the talent for admission in public sector universities for different levels and subjects.

National Testing Service has been established in 2002. Since then a big list of public sector universities and private educational institutions has been associated with NTS where merit list is based on tests held by NTS. Besides public sector universities and educational institutions, NTS test is also necessary for qualifying interviews for employment in different departments. NTS also arranges entry tests for different public sector medical colleges. The importance of NTS test is increasing rapidly.

There are different types of test held by NTS. Here we would like to help you out in understanding these tests, how to apply for them, their fee structure, validity periods, test structures and test dates for all of them. This site is a platform for complete guide lines.

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